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Jesse Koerner - 303 Contracting Corp.
3 Day Kitchen & Bath Authorized Dealer
6167 W. 65th Avenue Arvada, CO 80003
Tel: 303-432-2526
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Welcome, and thanks for visiting the 3 Day Kitchen and Bath - Colorado site!

My name is Jesse Koerner, a proud 5th generation Coloradan. Colorado is the perfect place to raise a family and run a successful business. My beautiful wife Christen and I have a wonderful little girl named Clara, and two puppies.

Background experience:

I've worn many hats in the remodeling business over the years, mostly as an expert tile setter. Creating custom stone showers is a lot of work, but more importantly you have to be very detail-orientated to set every tile perfectly. Through my tile work for other contractors, I saw a real need for communication and orderly systems - something most contractors don't understand.

Naturally, as most technicians do, I moved into a general contracting role on my jobs. Looking to expand my business, I started looking around at how other contractors operated and how they organized. During this search, I found 3 Day Kitchen and Bath. I was very skeptical at first, asking myself, "Is it possible? Could you create a good system and be so organized that you can actually do a kitchen or bath in 3 days?" As I learned, the answer is yes.

What is your work philosophy?

I am a hard worker. I attack a job head-on and get as much done as possible during the first couple days. Usually that means I get an easy last day or two, but occasional the hard work upfront saves me. When things don't go as planned and you have to put in a lot more work to make something right, it's usually on the last day.

What do you respect most about 3 Day Kitchen and Bath?

Being the newest member of 3 Day Kitchen and Bath, I probably have a unique perspective about this question. I was already running a successful contracting company, but I was looking for a way to distinguish myself from my competitors. I came across 3 Day Kitchen and Bath while I was looking at competitor websites, trying to distinguish what set 3 Day apart and made them unique. The idea of doing a kitchen or bath in 3 days seemed absurd, but it intrigued me.

I talked to the owners of 3 Day about becoming an authorized dealer, and eventually met them face to face. They were well-organized, detailed, and their system outlined how to become more efficient – enabling me to do high-quality renovations in a much shorter time period – while creating happy customers, and growing my clientele. I sat in that conference room and had to make the biggest decision of my life: putting my faith in the 3 Day owners and brand – based on some online research and my gut. That day, I took a leap of faith with 3 Day Kitchen and Bath, and I've never looked back. From that meeting, I came away with two huge ideas that have pushed me ahead in business:

  1. My trust in the owners and 3 Day system was well-earned, and my expectations as an authorized dealer have been exceeded. When you fulfill your promises to a customer, you have happy customers…that is what I respect most about 3 Day. Through integrity and core values, they've built a system (and reputation) that touches every aspect of your business, a project, right down to your customer relationship.
  2. I can relate to many of my customers when I look back on the day I decided to trust complete strangers with a major decision. When you're looking to hire a contractor, you have to make that decision based off research, your gut, and a hand shake. When you hire me on behalf of 3 Day Kitchen and Bath, you're putting your faith in me – something I don't take lightly. The greatest fulfillment in my job is proving you made a great choice. At the end of the day when I unveil my client's 3 Day miracle and meet all of their expectations, I go home with a big smile on my face.

Community organizations, churches, or outreach programs you are involved with:

Running a company and having a 1-year old takes up a great deal of my time. My wife and I, however, make it a point to play Ultimate Frisbee at least once a week with a group of friends (and are happy to help watch our daughter), and attend various tournaments.

Learning the 3 Day Kitchen and Bath system has been the best move of my life. Trusting in 3 Day's reputation for excellence in service and quality will be the best move of your life. Contact me today about your kitchen or bath remodel – I'm thrilled at the opportunity to show you how it's done!


I love my new kitchen! 3 Day Kitchen & Bath did it on time, even though they had to re-arrange the whole kitchen so that I could have a new dishwasher. I especially like the new sink, which has no ridges or edges to clean.